Visualizer 3D Studio Software Update-Destination Gold Detectors

Visualizer 3D Studio Software Update

Visualizer 3D Feature Update + NEW OKM Training

Latest Software Update July 2023

The major V3DS update (published in July 2023) has been extended: With the latest version you can export scans performed with 3D ground scanners, GPR and GeoSeeker also as CSV.

For better performance, additional improvements in rendering and visualization have been implemented.


Summary of the latest V3DS updates

    Visualizer 3D Software  Visualizer 3D Software
    Visualizer 3D Software  Visualizer 3D Software

    How do I get the latest software version?

    When launching the software, the update will start automatically (if you are connected to the internet). If it does not, click on Help in the menu bar and select Check for Updates.


    New Update + Tutorial Available 

    Previous Software Update 3.0.15


    OKM Detectors-Destination Gold Detectors


    Update your Visualizer 3D Studio software to Version 3.0.15 and get:

    • Integration of new Rover UC functionalities
    • Optimized sound output for Fusion Pro and Fusion Pro Plus
    • Updated documentation (English)
    • Updated translations
    • Fixed initial scan view orientation
    • Fixed connection issue for Bluetooth LE devices


    Discover more here!


    Improvements on Version 3.0.13 software:

    • Updated documentation (English)
    • Integration of System Information (for better OKM Support)
    • Optimized transformation view while scanning
    • Improved Activation, PDF Report, Characteristics and operation for touchscreens


    Watch our new V3DS Tutorial to learn how to use modifiers properly. The video presents a recommended workflow that allows to correct scan errors and optimize scan images.

     Visualizer 3D Studio also supports scan data from previous OKM detectors!


    Discover more here!


    Explore the advantages of the new software generation:

    OKM Visualizer 3D Studio Standard Edition

    OKM Visualizer 3D Studio Professional Edition

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    OKM Detectors Collection:
    OKM Rover C4 With Windows Notebook and Visualizer 3D Software OKM Evolution NTX 3D Scanner Metal DetectorOKM Fusion Professional 3D Metal DetectorOKM eXp 4500 Professional Version

    OKM Rover C4               OKM Evolution NTX 3D        OKM Fusion Pro 3D    OKM eXp 4500 Pro

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