New OKM Products with Great Feedback

Fortuna Pinpointer - In Stock

The OKM Fortuna is a pinpointer designed to help you in your last meter of discovery.  Feedback so far is that the performance is great, the safety cord style is a treat, and the replaceable tip makes it a pinpointer that will outlast the competition. 


Fusion Ultra Light - In Stock

Ready to drop ship.

This is the Fusion Light without the Peli case, laptop, or Android phone.  The Visualizer 3D software ships on a USB and you load it onto your lap-top.  You may also use your own Android phone. You will receive a QR code to download and activate the Fusion Light app.  Instead of a Peli case, it comes with a protective tube similar to the one provided with the Super Sensor for the Rover C4.


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OKM Fusion Ultra Light



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