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Multi-Purpose Metal Detector

  • Brand: Stinger Detectors
  • Depth: 5 meter
  • Made in USA
  • Operating Principle: VLF
  • Warranty: 3 Years 

Stinger Detectors’ Gold Stinger X5 is a reliable new metal detector designed with the latest metal detection technology to provide the best performance in detecting underground targets at relatively deeper depths compared to competing devices.

Gold Stinger X5 is an affordable metal detector device for all beginner prospectors combined with features for professional prospectors as well, including treasure hunters.


Package Contents

The contents of Gold Stinger X5 included in Cloth Bag, which contains the following components:

1. The main unit of the device (System Box), which includes the screen unit and the handle unit
2. Elliptical Search Coil ( 36 x 41 cm)
3. Elliptical Search Coil ( 26 x 32 cm)
4. Coils accessories (bolts – nuts – gaskets)
5. Arm set (two plastic arms)
6. Device charger
7. Headphones with wired connection
8. User manual
9. Warranty Certificate

User Manual - English


Device Features

  • 3 Detection modes suitable for various detection applications according to various factors: Discrimination - All Metal – Pinpointer.
  • Powerful metal discrimination feature through the Discrimination detection mode that provides target discrimination according to four categories, including gold - precious metals (non-ferrous) - non-precious metals (ferrous) – cavities (spaces).
  • Graphical visual representation through curves or two-dimensional drawing on the screen of the signals captured in all detection modes.
  • ZB Filter that provides a more accurate and useful search by filtering out signal and sound interference in mineral and wet ground soils.
  • Hot rocks option is useful for filtering and reducing the generated signals in order to obtain more accurate and reliable results and to avoid detection of worthless metal targets.
  • Sensitivity setting option is useful for the prospector to control the signal reception field, so that the higher the sensitivity number, it provides additional depth of detection, allowing the prospector to detect gold, coins, objects and jewelry at a depth of 10%.
  • The ability to estimate the depth of detected targets (available in all-metal mode) through a simple mechanism that displays the approximate depth of the detected target - for example a gold coin - on the screen in centimeters.
  • Graphical user interface and easy-to-use program available in multi languages.

Applications and Uses

  • Uncover deep buried treasures such as golden chests, valuable antiquities and archaeological treasures of historical value.
  • Non-ferrous metal detection (like silver – copper – platinum…)
  • Ferrous metal detection (like iron)
  • Natural gold prospecting of gold nuggets , gold veins
  • Detection of ancient or new minted coins made of gold, silver or copper
  • Treasure hunting of ancient artifacts or relics such as bronze or golden statues, ancient weapons (swords, daggers) and so on.
  • Underground cavity detection such as tunnels, catacombs and caves.


  • Working Frequency: Multi Frequency
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0’C to 45’C (32’F to 113’F)
  • Display: 4.3 Led Edgelight TFT Screen 480×272 Pixels
  • Battery: Lithium Lon 7.4 V.2.6 Ah
  • Working Current: Maximum 350 Mah
  • Battery Charger: 8.4-1.5 ah
  • Communication System: Embedded Special System Processor 32 Bit
  • Battery Working Time: Standby 20 Hours
  • Battery Active Full Working Time: 5 Hours
  • Storage Temperature Setting: -20’C to +80’C (-4’F to
  • Slow 2D Live Graphics Search (Slow Search)
  • TRH Numeric Value (Speed Dial)

    Multilanguage Support

    The graphical user interface of the Gold Stinger X5 device program is available in multiple languages, including the most important spoken languages around the world, to provide the prospector with a metal detector in his own language, which provides a better understanding how the device works and its options, especially for users who do not master another language.

    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • French
    • Arabic
    • Turkish
    • Persian

    User Manual - English


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    • For our US customers that do not submit a phone number, we will ship the item with DHL Express to our California location. Once we receive your device we will ship it to you with a US carrier that delivers without a phone number. 

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