OKM Pulse Nova Delta Metal Detector

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Pulse Induction Metal Detector With Interchangeable Search Coils

    Looking for DEEP DETECTION? If so, you may enjoy further info here - 2-STEP Detector Finder in OKM EXPLORER


    • Pulse Induction (PI) metal detector: developed for natural gold prospection and metal detection.
    • Measuring depth: Down to 3 m (9.8 ft) deep.
    • Use cases: Ideal for natural gold seekers, militaria, and industrial use.
    • Detectable objects: Natural gold and metal objects of any size, developed to ignore unwanted trash such as scrap bottle caps or aluminum foil.
    • Easy to use for inexperienced users and those familiar with PI detectors: only 2 preset controls for volume and sensitivity.
    • Attachable Flashlight: allows treasure hunters to search for hidden artifacts and treasures in the dark. In addition, obstacles become visible in the bright light.

    Special Features of Pulse Nova:

    • Detection depth up to 3 m (9.8 ft)
    • Fast scanning of large areas
    • Easy localization of objects (Pinpointing)
    • Also suitable for use in densely vegetated areas
    • Also suitable for use on heavily mineralized ground (including saltwater)
    • Ignores most unwanted small items like aluminum foil
    • Interchangeable probes
    • Waterproof probes for gold prospecting in shallow waters

      Use Cases:

      • Archaeology
      • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Services
      • Militaria Detection
      • Natural Gold Prospection
      • Treasure Hunting
      • OKM Search Services

        Package Includes:

        • 1x Control Unit with Carrying Strap
        • 1x Telescopic Rod
        • 1x Windows Notebook
        • 1x Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
        • 1x LED Flashlight
        • 1x Charger
        • 1x Travel Adapter
        • 1x Search coil Delta 38 (open coil)
        • 1x Search coil Delta 18 (open coil)


            Control Unit

            • Dimensions (H x W x D): 180 x 115 x 70 mm
            • Weight: 0.64 kg
            • Input Voltage (max): 4.8 - 20 V DC, 3.16 A, 20 W
            • Safety Class: IP40
            • Operating Time (fully charged, 25° C): approx. 8 hours
            • Charging Time @ 19 V: approx. 3 hours
            • Feedback: acoustic
            • Operating Temperature: 0°C – 40°C
            • Storage Temperature: –20°C – 70°C
            • Waterproof: No

            Telescopic Rod

            • Dimensions (L x W x H): 630 – 1023 x 115 x 200 mm
            • Weight: 0.90 kg

            Search Coil 38 cm

            • Diameter: Ø 375 mm
            • Height: 45 mm
            • Cable Length: approx. 1.50 m
            • Weight: approx. 0.80 kg
            • Technology: Bifilar Mono Coil, High Voltage Pulse Induction
            • Waterproof: Yes

              Looking for DEEP DETECTION? If so, you may enjoy further info here - 2-STEP Detector Finder in OKM EXPLORER


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              QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

              Ask a Question
              • What is the difference between the OKM Pulse Nova Omega and the OKM Pulse Nova Delta detectors?

                The Pulse Nova Delta includes an open Search Coil Delta38 and an open Search Coil Delta18, while the Pulse Nova Omega includes a closed Search Coil Omega38 and a closed Search Coil Omega18. So the coils included in the package are the primary difference.

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