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Nokta Makro The Legend Library

Tune In...To Nokta Legend Demos

In collaboration with CT Relic Digger - US Nokta Nomads, Destination Gold Detectors will be releasing a tutorial/demonstration/actual in-action video of the Nokta Makro The Legend.

....NEW RELEASES Weekly! 


The Legend V1.07 Field Test ⬇️ 

Posted 4/21/2022


The Legend V1.05 Field Test ⬇️ 

Posted 3/21/2022


Field Test - Ferro Check ⬇️ 

Posted 3/8/2022


Ferro Check ⬇️ 

Posted 3/3/2022

Legend - Ferro Check.


Getting Started - Part 1. ⬇️ 

Posted 3/1/2022

Legend - Getting Started.


Unboxing the Legend ⬇️

Posted 2/24/2022


 Legend - Unboxing


Click Here - Nokta Makro The Legend



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