Detector Finder in OKM Explorer Magazine-Destination Gold Detectors

Detector Finder in OKM Explorer Magazine



Find Your Perfect OKM Detector in just 2-Steps

The Detector Finder in our magazine helps you find the perfect detector in just 2 steps.
To get started, answer the first question: What are you looking for?
In the second step, decide: How deep do you want to detect? 




An example: As a treasure hunter you may be looking for relics and valuables. Start at TREASURES in the top right corner. Then follow the arrow to the desired detection depth. 

Recommendations: Down to 20 m (65 ft), the Fusion Series and Rover UC; down to 25 m (82 ft) Rover C4 and eXp 6000 are the perfect detectors.


OKM Fusion Professional                       OKM Rover UC
                 OKM Rover C4                            OKM eXp 6000 Professional


But what's the difference between these detectors? Turn to the next page to find an overview of the highlights each detector features for you. Browse the FREE ePaper now » or try OKM's interactive Detector Finder!



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