OKM Detector - Widows Notebook Included

And Factory Synced 

Would you like to get started treasure hunting fully equipped and very quickly? 
...Well, OKM Detectors heard that, and are now including a fully dedicated Windows Notebook for 3D viewing of your search data.
...To make matters even smoother, each Windows Notebook comes factory synced to your new OKM Detector. 💻 😃
Your OKM detector is synced to and comes with an  Windows Notebook.

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OKM Rover C4 With Windows Notebook and Visualizer 3D Software OKM Evolution NTX 3D Scanner Metal DetectorOKM Fusion Professional 3D Metal DetectorOKM eXp 4500 Professional Version

OKM Rover C4               OKM Evolution NTX 3D        OKM Fusion Pro 3D    OKM eXp 4500 Pro


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