Which Nokta Makro Mini / Midi Hoard should you get?!-Destination Gold Detectors

Which Nokta Makro Mini / Midi Hoard should you get?!

Nokta Makro Mini / Midi Hoard Comparison

Nokta Makro releases the most fun way to introduce kids to metal detecting with the world's first waterproof kids detector series!

Note: Although the Mini Hoards are released as part of the kids' detectors series, this is actually a very affordable, simple to use, waterproof detector that adult beginners can also prefer. 




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Nokta Makro Midi / Mini Hoard Comparison Chart


For ages 4-8 years old For ages 8-12+ years old
IP68 - Waterproof up to 1m / 3ft. IP68 - Waterproof up to 1m / 3ft
Lightweight (780g / 1.7lbs) Lightweight (880g / 1.9lbs)
6" Search Coil 7" Search Coil
Retractable Shaft 63cm - 90cm (25" - 35") Retractable Shaft 83cm - 109cm (32.5" - 43")
Kids Friendly Screen Easy to Use
15kHz 15kHz
2-Tone Discrimination 3-Tone Discrimination
Good Target -
Trash or Ferrous Target -
Depth Indicator Depth Indicator
Shallow 3 Levels Sensitivity
Medium Depth -
Deep -
Battery Indicator Battery Indicator
Oops... Lift Coil! Volume
On/Off and Iron Discrimination Button On/Off and Discrimination Button
Pinpoint Button Pinpoint Button
LED Indicator LED Indicator
- Sensitivity / Volume Button
Long Battery Life Long Battery Life
Auto Shut-Off & Alarm Auto Shut-Off & Alarm
- 2 Levels Volume Control
2xAA (not included) 2xAA (not included)



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