Nokta Simplex Shipment Update-Destination Gold Detectors

Nokta Simplex Shipment Update

Nokta Simplex ETA

To all customers that have already pre-ordered Nokta Simplex and to those of you who are planning to order please review the updated ETA information from Nokta, here below:


"We would like to give everybody an insight on why the Simplex shipments have been delayed - originally the device was supposed to have tracking and no ground balancing.

Based on feedback received at many events from users as well as customers reaching out to us through forums and emails, we decided to incorporate both auto and manual ground balancing to the device. The Field and Park modes still can be used without ground balancing in many areas but for experienced users and tough conditions, ground balancing can now be done automatically as well as manually.

This has been the major update on the device along with some other minor changes.

We apologize for the delay but at the end of the day, Simplex+ just became more powerful than it was before. Thank you for your understanding."

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