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OKM Rover C4 Videos

A powerful 3D Ground Scanner!

The OKM Rover C4 is a powerful metal detector and 3D ground scanner designed to search for buried treasures and underground gold minerals. Easy handling, multilingual operation, accurate measurements, and visual 3D graphics are just a few of the unique features of this detector!

The Rover C4 generates graphical 3D images of underground treasures, localized anomalies, and gold minerals. This allows you to determine the size and depth of potential finds before excavation. 

Using the Ground Scan and Mineral Scan modes, it detects lost treasures (coins, rings, jewelry, etc.) as well as cavity structures (tunnels, caves, chambers, graves, etc.). The measurement data are displayed graphically with the Visualizer 3D Software.



A quick introduction to the powerful 3D ground scanner including its ever-evolving features.


 (OKM Rover C4 (2021) | version 3.4 or higher)




New style, easy data transfer, and enhanced ergonomics!

 Experience more balanced detector design, improved multilevel lighting and simplified wireless data transfer - for your convenient and efficient treasure hunt.


Benefits and Features of Rover C4

  • Operational touchscreen with alternative hardware buttons
  • Graphical user interface in many different languages
  • Improved multilevel LED lighting for detector usage in darkness
  • Exchangeable probes: Standard Probe and Super Sensor
  • Immediate basic target discrimination thanks to LED Orbit
  • Supported operating modes: 3D Ground Scan, Pinpointer, Mineral Scan, Magnetometer
  • Integrated battery
  • Simplified wireless data transfer
  • 4 separate memory areas to store measuring data
  • Including detection software Visualizer 3D Studio Standard Edition
  •  Simple Operation via Touchscreen
  • The embedded LEDs in the bottom side of the Control Unit are gradually adjustable based on your environment
  • Exchangeable Probes
  • Immediate Feedback via LED Orbit



Treasure Detector Operating Modes

  1.  Use Magnetometer to clear the scan field of small metal items like nails, cans, screws and wires near the surface.

  2.  3D Ground Scan provides a graphical measurement of any area for further analysis in the detection software Visualizer 3D Studio.
  3.  With the Pinpointer treasure seekers locate buried coins, rings, jewelry and similar treasure objects and artifacts more precisely.

  4.  Mineral Scan is used to locate natural gold deposits.



The following videos will show you the best procedures for optimizing OKM Rover C4 usage, as well as suggestions on how to easily find targets! 
Tune into Rover C4  recommendations that will be useful for both professionals and beginners.



Hunting and presenting the powerful 3D Ground Scanner's features and its 4 operating modes Magnetometer, 3D Ground Scan, Pinpointer and Mineral Scan!



 OKM Rover C4 with accessories and case


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