Mega Detection Phoenix Set-Up Procedures

Mega Detection Phoenix Set-Up Procedures


 The multi-purpose Phoenix 3D Ground Scanner metal detector is quite the ideal choice for detecting in rough terrains. The new unique 3D ground scanning technology of Multi Ground Scanner (M.G.S) probe provides a larger scan surface for more coverage and faster scan process with reliable and accurate results. Treasure hunting, archaeological excavation and underground cavities detection like tunnels and chambers, you name it!

Depth   40 Meters
Made In   Germany
Manufacture   Mega Detection 


Registering: To register your new Mega Detection Phoenix device visit

You will need your device serial number and an email address handy for the registration purpose.
Passcode Retrieval:
You will need your password to set-up and use your new Phoenix device.  Your initial password will be emailed to you once you have registered your device at 

Setting up the Multi-Visual Analyzer app from your tablet to the device:

Activate the program for your device using an internet connection (i.e. WIFI). 
Step 1: open settings on the tablet
Step 2: open connections Item
Step 3:open Wi-Fi from the list
Step 4: Select MEGA_PHOENIX_####### from the available networks
Step 5: Enter this password: phoenix3d
Step 6: open Multi Visual Analyzer app in tablet

Note: if all 6 steps above were done correctly you will hear a voice coming from the tablet confirming: CONNECTED SUCCESSFULLY


Charging the device


The power of the Phoenix 3D Ground Scanner is supplied by a rechargeable 12-volt lithium-ion polymer battery with a capacity of 21000 mAh. It is specially designed in the form of an external box with an on/off button with a battery status indicator. The 12-volt is the voltage of this battery and not the voltage of charging, so before use, it is highly suggested that the user must charge the battery using the supplied charger that works on 220 volts which is inside the accessories box. USA  voltage is 110 volts so the use of an adaptor is recommended.

The battery guarantees a relatively long use time, and the operating time is related to several factors, including the search system, the search tools used, and the energy-saving settings available in the device program.


To charge the device’s battery, it must first be turned on in order to know the charging progress through the four LED lights which gradually lights up according to the charging progress.
The charging completion is known by lighting the last LED in green.
It is recommended to charge the battery for two hours before use, which will be enough for an average use of about 3 working hours.

3 Search Systems:

1. Ground Scan System 

The ground scan system is the main system of the Phoenix 3D that promises supreme and accurate results. This is performed by the multi-sensor M.G.S probe, which records the scanning measurements at each inspecting point within a specified area.


2. Live Stream System

A live stream system via Vertical High Signal Transceiver (V.S.T) probe technology that can scan the ground in real-time with a changeable visual representation either the device screen or via the Multi Visual Analyzer app on the tablet. 


3. Pin Pointer System

The pin pointer system is used for a quick spot scan at the drilling site after detecting the targets with the ground scan system and confirming of the target through the live stream system.

Here's a more detailed overview of  Mega Detection's Phoenix 3D Ground Scanner, its contents, and an in-depth explanation of the three search systems, as well as instructions on how to install and utilize the essential tools and alter settings. 
For more information and /or to order the product: MEGA DETECTION PHOENIX 3D GROUND SCANNER AND METAL DETECTOR
Here are your contact options in case you've encountered any issues with your device: 
Phone:(+49) 17647015442
Email: Info@MegaLocators.Com

You may also fill out the following form in order to get your device issue fixed Device Maintenance Request.

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