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The Genius Of Gift Cards

The Top 5 Reasons 

- Why you should get a gift card:

1. Starting with the obvious, that you let the receiver choose exactly what item and what model they want.  Be honest, even if you knew exactly what your receiver wanted at the beginning of the season, a month ago, or even a week ago..that is all yesterday, and by the the time he/she finds his gift under the Christmas tree, he might, not only, have had a change of heart, but there is also a lesser or greater possibility, that somebody else got him the same thing, or that him himself, cut you both to the chase.

2. Getting your present to deliver in time for Christmas, can be uncertain.  You have to account for holiday shipping schedules, and to speed it up, by expediting becomes costly. As if all this wasn't enough there are also the frequent unpredictable snow storms that could interfere with you carrier's promises.

3. Gift cards do not require shipping, period.

4. Gift cards are always in stock (Don't forget the hottest items do run out, and often won't be available again till after the holiday).

5. Its fast and easy - Gift cards deliver instantly. 

Get a gift card now!


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