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Depth and Pinpoint Precision with the Eagle Eye

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Depth and Pinpoint Precision with the Eagle Eye

Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector has a new companion - TheΒ TreasureHoundβ„’ EagleEyeβ„’ Searchcoil. The Eagle Eye Searchcoil, compatible with the GTI 2500 only ads considerable depth of 2X to 3X on larger objects, and also features built in pinpoint function. Β TreasureHoundβ„’ EagleEyeβ„’ Searchcoil Highlights Finds larger targets at 2 times the depth of conventional search coils. Use the Eagle Eye front coil for accurate pinpointing and small object detection. Easily switch from depth multiplier searching to pinpoint mode with the touch of a button. Eliminates the need to switch coils or having a second detector to zero in on targets....

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