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OKM EXP 6000 Professional PLUS Version


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Ground Scanner and 3D Metal Detector

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Looking for DEEP DETECTION? If so, you may enjoy further info here - 2-STEP Detector Finder in OKM EXPLORER


  • Enhanced detector design
  • New carbon Probes - extremely strong and lightweight
  • Lighter Control Unit and Telescopic Rod
  • Simplified operation
  • 3D scan analysis directly on Control Unit
  • Including Smart Video Glasses
  • Integrated high capacity batteries
  • Removable GPS Receiver
  • Including detector software Visualizer 3D Studio


    • All-Inclusive: Detector for treasure hunters with the highest demands
    • Measuring Depth: Customers found treasures up to 25m (82ft) deep
    • Use Cases: Treasure hunting, natural gold prospection, cavity detection
    • Operating Modes: 3D Ground Scan, Magnetometer, Pinpointer, Mineral Scan, Tunnel Scan, Live Scan 
    • Detectable Objects: Treasure chests, cavities, tunnels


      • 3D Visualization
      • 3D Ground Scanner
      • Color Display/Touchscreen
      • Exchangeable Probes
      • GPS (removable)
      • GST/EMSR
      • Height Adjustment
      • Internal Memory
      • LED Lighting
      • Live Sound
      • Live Stream
      • Mineral Scan
      • Multilingual Operation
      • Orientation Sensor
      • Rechargeable High-capacity Battery
      • Speaker
      • Video Eyewear
      • Wireless Technology

      Use Cases

      • Agriculture
      • Archaeology
      • Cavity Detection
      • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Services
      • Forensics
      • Militaria Detection
      • Natural Gold Prospection
      • Public Services
      • Treasure Hunting

        Package Includes

        • 1x Control Unit
        • 1x Wireless Telescopic Probe
        • 1x Wireless Super Sensor
        • 1x Wireless Live Stream Sensor
        • 1x Wireless Tunnel Sensor
        • 1x Telescopic Rod
        • 1x Software Visualizer 3D Studio Professional Edition
        • 1x Waterproof and Shock Resistant Pelican Case
        • 1x Bluetooth Headphones
        • 1x Android Video Glasses
        • 1x GPS Receiver (removable)
        • 2x Charger and Travel Adapter
        • 1x USB Flash Drive
        • 1x Windows Notebook
        • 1x Quick Start Guide



        3D Ground Scanner and Metal Detector for Highest Demands

        The EXP 6000 ground scanner and 3D metal detector is one of OKM’s top-of-the-line detecting tools for treasure hunters, metal detectorists, archaeologists, prospectors, gold seekers, and ground surveyors. This detector is completely wireless and can be controlled via touchscreen, video eyeglasses, or notebook. It is the world’s first 3D ground scanner that utilizes the innovative OKM Telescopic Probe which can be extended to 124 cm (4 ft).


        For more info on OKM 6000 Professional - watch OKM 6000 Professional videos here!

        Color Display and Touchscreen

        The Control Unit with touchscreen and multilingual graphical user interface (GUI) is very easy to use. Different layouts and automatic brightness control allow the user to efficiently operate the detector even in varying ambient light conditions.

        Height-adjustable Telescopic Rod

        The Telescopic Rod can be adjusted to the user's body size in just a few simple steps. Its armrest is equipped with additional pads for more ergonomics during the treasure hunt. At the lower end, the probes are quickly and easily mounted via a magnetic connector.

        Exchangeable Probes for Various Purposes

        Like many high-quality consumer and technical applications, the eXp 6000 probes are made of Carbon. This extremely rigid and light material allows treasure hunters to use the lightweight detector even more easily. Additionally, the probes establish a wireless data connection to the treasure detector to send the scan data directly to the Control Unit.

        • Telescopic Probe:
          This innovative probe can be extended to 124 cm (4 ft) and is perfectly designed to scan both large areas and narrow areas. As a result, treasure hunters need only one probe and avoid the necessity of carrying additional accessories.
        • Super Sensor:
          This specialized ground measuring probe is one of the best ground scanner accessories on the market. By using this antenna, discrimination and pinpointing of buried objects is possible with ease.
        • Tunnel Sensor:
          This measuring probe can be mounted to the 3D metal detector to detect hidden tunnels, chambers, cellars, shelters, caves, and many other underground cavities and structures.
        • Live Stream Sensor:
          This ground scanning probe will stream measuring data immediately onto the display of the eXp 6000 to see underground objects “live”. Thus, the 3D ground scanner user can quickly survey a large area to find potential underground targets.
        • eXp 6000 Exclusive: Orientation Sensor
          The orientation sensor assists treasure hunters in holding the probe correctly during the measurement. An icon on the screen and a varying acoustic signal warn as soon as the probe is held at the wrong angle. Only a correct orientation of the probe guarantees reliable measurements.

        For more info on OKM 6000 Professional - watch OKM 6000 Professional videos here!

        eXp 6000 Operating Modes

        As a top-notch detector, the professional 3D ground scanner eXp 6000 offers various operating modes in one device:

        • 3D Ground Scan: Visualization of underground artifacts and cavities in 3D representations.
        • Mineral Scan: Detection of natural mineralization, visualized in a color-coded graph.
        • Magnetometer: Localization of ferromagnetic objects.
        • PinPointer: Identification and localization of detected anomalies.
        • Live Scan: Visualization of artifacts and cavities in real-time.
        • Tunnel Scan: Detection of tunnels and cavities, visualized in a color-coded graph.

        Save and Analyze Scan Data

        The scan data collected in the operating modes Mineral Scan, Tunnel Scan and 3D Ground Scan can directly be saved in the internal memory of the eXp 6000. After finishing the measurement, the user may open the stored scan files for direct analysis on the eXp 6000 Control Unit or transfer the .v3d files to a computer for detailed analyses.

        3D Analysis via Detection Software

        The treasure hunter gets a first glimpse of his scan data directly on the screen of the Control Unit during the measuring process. After finishing and saving the measurement, the user receives a graphical representation of the scan field with color-coded targets. This scanned image can be viewed in 2D and 3D as well as rotated and scaled directly on the Control Unit touchscreen.

        Thanks to the included 3D software Visualizer 3D Studio Standard Edition, the collected measurement data can afterward be analyzed in detail on a computer. In this way, the depth, position, and size of target objects can be determined and the remarkable objects can be supplemented with notes.

        Optional Accessories: Android Tablet, Windows Notebook, and Power Pack

        Both the Android tablet and the Windows notebook can be used in addition to the Control Unit and allow further users to view or observe the 3D ground surveys while scanning. Moreover, the Windows notebook with installed Visualizer 3D Studio detection software allows for detailed scan image analyses.

        The Power Pack (version D/C) provides additional energy for the detector. With the additional Power Pack, the treasure hunter is able to charge the Control Unit and the Telescopic Rod outdoors and even extend the operating time of the detector while scanning the ground. 

        Target Right in Front of your Eyes with the Smart Glasses

        Besides the touchscreen, the eXp 6000 ground scanner user can also control the metal detector with the Video Eye Glasses. This allows the treasure hunter to focus even better on the environment and to notice any obstacles in the scan field during the measurement. In the projection directly in front of his eye, he simultaneously receives the already recorded scan data.


          Control Unit

          • Dimensions (H x W x D): 120 x 210 x 280 mm
          • Weight: approx. 2.34 kg
          • Voltage: 11.8 - 19 VDC, 50 W maximal
          • Safety Class: IP40
          • Operating Time (full charged, 25 °C): approx. 4 hours
          • Operating Temperature: -10 °C – 50 °C
          • Display: 6.5” Diagonal, 1024 x 768 Pixel TFT Color, 650 cd/qm
          • Processing Unit: QuadCore AMD @ 2GHz, OpenGL4.2 HD Radeon GPU
          • Working Memory (RAM): 4 GB Kingston HyperX
          • Data Memory: 8 GB SDCard, Class 10
          • Feedback: acoustic, visual
          • Storage temperature: -20 °C – 60 °C
          • Air humidity: 5 % – 75 %
          • Waterproof: No
          • Data Transmission Technology: WiFi 802.11n a/b/g, MIMO 2x2
          • Data Transmission Rate: 11 Mbps – 54 Mbps
          • Operation Distance (line of sight to telescopic rod): max. 4 m

            Telescopic Rod

            • Dimensions (H x W x L): 210 x 135 x 680 - 1340 mm
            • Weight: about 1,76 kg
            • Voltage: 11.8 - 19 VDC, 22 W maximal
            • Safety Class: IP40
            • Operating Time (full charged, 25 °C): approx. 5 hours
            • Operating Temperature: -10 °C – 50 °C
            • Processing Unit: ARM Cortex M0+ @ 48 MHz
            • Working Memory (RAM): 32 KB
            • Data Memory: 256 KB
            • Storage temperature: -20 °C – 60 °C
            • Air humidity: 5 % – 75 %
            • Waterproof: No
            • Data Transmission Technology: WiFi 802.11n a/b/g
            • Data Transmission Rate: 11 Mbps – 54 Mbps
            • Operation Distance: (line of sight to control unit): max. 4 m


            Super Sensor

            • Length: 950 mm
            • Weight: approx. 1.0 kg
            • Receiver: Dual / Hi-Gain – Vertical - Geophysical Phase Reader – EMSR
            • Sensor technology: SCMI-15-D


            Telescopic Probe

            • Length: 500 mm
            • Weight: approx. 0.76 kg
            • Receiver: Dual Geophysical Phase Reader – EMSR
            • Sensor technology: SCMI-15-D

            Tunnel Sensor

            • Length: 820 - 1240 mm
            • Weight: approx. 1.04 kg
            • Receiver: Dual Geophysical Phase Reader – EMSR
            • Sensor technology: SCMI-15-D


            Live Stream Sensor

            • Length: 600 mm
            • Weight: approx 0.92 kg
            • Receiver: Hexa Geophysical Phase Reader – EMSR
            • Sensor technology: SCMI-15-D

            GPS Receiver

            • Dimensions (L x W x H): 50 x 55 x 27 mm
            • Weight: about 60 g
            • Input voltage: 5 V DC
            • Input current (maximum): 450 mA
            • Input current (typical): 50 mA
            • Refresh rate: 1 s
            • Cold start: < 40 s
            • Warm start: < 30 s
            • Horizontal Position Accuracy (most cases, outdoor): 2,7 m
            • Horizontal Position Accuracy (free view, clear sky): 0,9 m

            The technical data are average values. Minor deviations are possible during operation.

            For more information about OKM EXP 6000 Professional, check out our OKM EXP 6000 Professional Videos Blog Post

            For more information about OKM eXp 6000 Professional, check out our OKM eXp 6000 Professional blog post. 

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            Looking for DEEP DETECTION? If so, you may enjoy further info here - 2-STEP Detector Finder in OKM EXPLORER


            For more info on OKM eXp 6000 Professional - watch OKM 6000 Professional videos here!

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