Titan Ger 1000 3D Imaging Detector-Destination Gold Detectors

Titan Ger 1000 3D Imaging Detector

5 Systems

There are many highly advanced detectors available on the market. With the right budget, it is easy to get your hands on a device that is at the top of the line but still need one or more other devices to cover the search spectrum. This is because of even the cutting edge of one technology still is less than the cutting edge of combined technologies. 

This is where Titan Ger 1000 - 5 Systems, comes in. Titan Ger 1000 combines the best of 5 different technologies in one device. In other words, the Titan Ger 1000 user has five different search technologies at his fingertips. 

Titan Ger 1000 5 Search Systems

Long Range Search System

The Long Range Search System is very accurate in discrimination, identification, and monitoring of the signal and guides you to the target by steering the digital smart screen of the device.

Ionic Search System

The Ionic System specializes in the detection of ionic fields that are formed around buried gold in the ground. 
The ionic fields are atomic radiations coming from small particles of gold and buried treasures after having remained underground for so long.

Magnetic Search System

This Magnetic Search system searches for magnetic metals such as iron and derivatives and allows you to know if there are any non-precious metal underground. The depth of the Magnetic System is up to 45 meters.

3D Imaging Search System

The 3D Imaging System has been adorned with plenty of innovative technology and new specifications. It scans all the ground layers and shows an image from three different angles on the device screen. Object side, bottom and top show to give a clear picture of everything under the ground. It detects gold and other metals, caves, spaces, basements, graves and more.
This 3D Imaging System shows the depth of all undiscovered target in centimeter and the device software shows you the beginning and end of the target depth.

Pulse Induction System

The device operates on the latest international technologies of pulse induction systems to detect buried gold, antiquarian treasures, tunnels, caves, and precious coins underground. The Puls Induction system frequency penetrates the ground to a depth that is difficult for many devices to reach.  In addition, there is an automatic calibration feature with the ground to ensure that the device will not be affected with the interference caused by wet soil, metal rock or hard ground.

Getting out in the field, near or traveling far, we believe you will have the best area coverage by letting all of today's technologies be available to you and work for you.

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