The Summer 2020 Treasure Hunt-Destination Gold Detectors

The Summer 2020 Treasure Hunt

This Sunday - Hidden Gold Coin

Finders Keepers - Hidden Gold Coin

August 10 Update:

The treasure has been found!

"Coordinates": Gold Nugget Men's Ring "Orocal" RMAJ083 Genuine Hand Crafted Jewelry - 14K Casting

"Coordinates" of the treasure

Congratulations, Ariel Hurtado!


August 8 Update: 

SECOND CLUE: "Find me on a product page."

August 4 Update:

The Treasure Hunt will resume next Sunday, August 9. The Gold Coin will be put back in the same place then. FIRST CLUE: "Like attract like, gold attract gold."

August 3 Update:

The Canadian Maple 1 gram gold coin was not found the treasure hunt continues...The image of the treasure was removed this morning but will be put back in the same place shortly. We will announce here as soon as it can be found again. We will also start adding clues...stay tuned! 

Finders Keeper

This Sunday, 9 am PST - 11.59 pm PST, a 1gram pure gold coin will be hidden at

  • First-person to find it and send the link and picture of it to is the keeper. No purchase necessary.
  • If not found on Sunday, August 2, 2020, we will remove the treasure and a new chance will come up in the near future.
  • The potential winner will be announced here, as soon as crowned.

Criteria For Treasure Hunt Participation

Summer Metal Detector Contest 2020

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