Relic Hunting United States - Trail of General Rochambeau-Destination Gold Detectors

Relic Hunting United States - Trail of General Rochambeau

North East Treasures

From the Trail of General Rochambeau. Found by Brett, with Garrett AT Pro.

Relic Hunting on the Trail of General Rochambeau

Brett, from Connecticut, USA Says:

"For the last few years now I've been on the trail of the Revolutionary War General Rochambeau and his 4000 troops from France. Who helped us Americans fight the British. 
There are several encampments close by where they had stayed.   One is in Bolton Connecticut Four French regiments camped at the Minister's Farm (now called the Rose Farm) on June 21, 22, 23, and 24, 1781. They were happy and in a relaxed mood because they were getting fresh food and supplies along the way. They expected no actual threat from the British until they passed the British-occupied city of New York.   This property is a national heritage site so no detecting is allowed, but if you can obtain permission from local homeowners around there you're good to go.   
Here are a few of my finds from the surrounding properties it's cool to think that these artifacts may have been in the hands of a Revolutionary War soldier at 1 point in time."

Recent Finds:

These finds and images were shared by Brett, CT. 


Metal Detector Used:


Trail of the Revolutionary War General Rochambeau, Northeast, United States.
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For Questions or Technical Support:

If you have questions regarding relic hunting and best practices, or if you have a location / permission that you would like help seeking for treasure, CT Relic Digger is offering his contact info here below.

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