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Nokta PulseDive Review

5 Star Review

What our digger community has to say about Nokta PulseDive:


❤️OMG Nokta Makro absolutely nailed it on this one! The PulseDive is hands-down absolutely the best underwater pinpointer on the market & Destination Gold Detectors has the best price, staff & shipping to get one in your hands right away! This PULSE-INDUCTION scuba/land combo is an absolute beast!
😲I was absolutely blown away by the hard case & all of the accessories, it comes with absolutely everything you need & more! The adjustable sensitivity and underwater "scuba lock mode" makes this innovative and puts it in a "handheld pulse induction" class of its own! You can charge it on any USB port! The battery lasts all day!
⭐Nokta has set the bar very high on this amazing handheld pulse induction technology at this price! And you will not find a better deal than purchasing it through Destination Gold Detectors & with price match guarantee you can't go wrong!
💥Purchase the *"pinpointer/scuba detector combo" during the month of September 2019 and get a free CT Relic Digger & Destination Gold Detectors
T-SHIRT shipped to you as a free gift!
🔥 I give the Nokta PulseDive from Destination Gold Detectors ⭐⭐⭐⭐!
I would highly recommend this underwater scuba pinpointer for anybody who wants a true pulse induction pinpointer that does not leak and that will last all day in the field without recharging!

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