Metal Detector Contest-Destination Gold Detectors

Metal Detector Contest

It is here - the giveaway!

How to participate:

  • Follow Destination Gold Instagram Page. 
  • Snap a picture or video of yourself (Preferrably detecting or prospecting) in your State Digger's Tee*.
  • Upload your picture* / video* to Instagram and tag us @DestinationGold.

Metal Detector Contest Arizona Diggers Tee

    * All VIP Newsletter Subscribers will receive one State Digger's Tee with each metal detector purchase between August 23rd and October 31st, 2018. If your state tee is not yet available on our website, it will be sent to you shortly after your purchase. (State Tees may also be purchased seperately at Destination Gold Detectors.) 

    * Taged pictures and videos may be used by Destination Gold Detectors for website, social media and other marketing purposes.

    Winner Announcement:

    • Winners will be announced on October 31st.


    1. First Prize: Metal Detector. (One participant will be selected for the first prize.)
    2. Runner up prizes will be announced in the weeks to come.

    Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector Contest

    State Diggers Tee Collection

    Garrett Metal Detectors

    Fisher Metal Detectors

    Teknetics Metal Detectors



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