Locating Abandoned Gas Wells

With OKM Rover C4 and Gepard GP3

The problem

There are millions of abandoned gas wells of unknown location buried across the United States. These old wells, buried for decades are known to be in conditions that are not only polluting the environment but also pose explosive threats to new construction.

The request  

EPA has requested for these wells to be located, repaired and/or removed.

The responsibility

EPA's request means that parties that perform mining and/or other construction will first need to locate and remedy these gas wells. 

The opportunity

Government offers significant contracting opportunities for private companies who find and remedy the abandoned gas wells.

The solution

Contractors that would like to locate the abandoned gas well may use OKM technology, OKM detection machines and OKM training to pinpoint the locations of the buried gas pipes. 

The equipment 

OKM Rover C4

OKM Gepard GPR 3D 

The procedure 

You may order OKM Rover C4 and/or OKM Gepard GPR 3D here.

The view the White Paper here.

For questions about the procedure and search system and further guidance and support inquiry you may send a contact request here

For training requests send contact request here.


OKM Rover C4 With Windows Notebook and Visualizer 3D Software-Destination Gold Detectors

OKM Rover C4 

The White Paper

The OKM White Paper

OKM White Paper 

Learn more about how to efficiently locate abandoned oil and gas wells in a case study written by OKM expert Frank Casser. - Read here


White Paper

OKM Rover C4

OKM Gepard GPR 3D

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