Garrett Pricing 2022 Updates-Destination Gold Detectors

Garrett Pricing 2022 Updates

Price Increase by February 14th


On Feb 14th, 2022 the new and increased Garrett Pricing is going into effect.

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We have started a gradual price update, in order to get all Garrett pricing adjusted before the deadline. Garrett's accessory and apparel pricing was adjusted first.

Saturday 2/12: We are adjusting the Garrett bundle pricing.

We will then end this week with the Garrett detector price changes. In other words, Sunday 13th will be the last day before the entire Garrett Catalog will be updated.

Sunday 13th: Last day to shop any Garrett metal detector at the current, lower pricing. 

Exceptions: Garrett ACE APEX Spring Special Packages, and Garrett AT Max Fall Special packages ( Option 1 and Option 2. ) will keep their special "more for your money" pricing until all current stock is gone. ...that say, hurry also in this case, to take advantage before we run out. 


Get ahead of the increase on these

Garrett Metal Detector Models 


Garrett Accessories 


More Garrett items covered by the February 14 Increase will be added to the list above, soon.  Keep checking for additional up and coming information.


Discontinued Items

In addition to the price changes, and the specials mentioned above, a few long time items will be removed from the Garrett Catalog. For example, the 1120580 GTI 2500 Pro-Package will no longer be available. Grab those while you can, before the current inventory runs out.


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        Garrett Stainless Steel Sand Scoop             Garrett 14" Gold Trap™             Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector Pro Package

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