Fine Copper Silver and Gold-Destination Gold Detectors

Fine Copper Silver and Gold


Treasure and Investment

Why not get something special for the purchases you make anyway?!

As you may already know by now, at DGD, we like the thrill of the treasure and sound investments, and although purchasing a prospecting device such as a metal detector in itself provides a claim on adventure, and treasure, and is an investment, at DGD we have a nick for going the extra mile...

...So when you order at DGD you really get a taste of the treasure right away. Technically all detectors of $250 and up come with one or more complimentary collectible copper, silver, or gold coins.

...By the way, when we say copper, silver, and gold, it is fine, often .9999 pure

Hurry up and stack up, because these treasured gifts come in limited quantities.

To your new adventure!


This Week's Collectible Silver:

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Cook's Island 1/10 oz Silver Coin .9999 Pure.




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