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Every Household Needs A Metal Detector?

Professionals and Hobbyists alike are using Metal Detectors to prospect, hoping to find everything from Gold, to old Relics, to buried Coins and Jewelry.  These treasured items are either gifts from nature itself, past generations, or maybe even another person's lost belongings.  But what about having a Metal Detector handy in the case you, or a friend, misplaced, or worse, dropped your/his/her own engagement ring somewhere out in public.. I don't know about you, but for someone who spent a lot of time on the beach, the idea of a piece of jewelry lost in the sand is not that far fetched, but quite frightening.. In our opinion, here at Destination Gold Detectors, we believe every household needs a Metal Detector. 

Today's Featured Image and Metal Detector: SuperEye S2500 Metal Professional Detector 

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