DEUS II WS6 Master Conversion Pack - Limited Qunatities

9" FMF/11" FMF Coil Package Option

Just a quick heads-up that XP Metal Detectors currently has a special offer on two Conversion Packs for a limited time. These packs can upgrade DEUS, ORX, or previous wired XP detectors to the new DEUS II WS6 Master. Each XP DEUS II Conversion Pack includes a 9” or 11” DEUS II FMF coil with a carbon fiber lower stem, WS6 Headphones, and all necessary accessories (excluding the XP S-Telescopic stem, which customers already have). The price for each Conversion Pack is $589, including local sales tax.

High Demand 

Since this is a limited-time/limited-quantity offer we suggest that you order your XP Conversion Pack asap. Keeping in mind that since 2017, XP has sold over 5,000 DEUS and over 4,000 ORX in the USA, as well as many more detectors before 2017, which means there may be more demand for this Limited Edition package than there is stock.



XP DEUS II Conversion Pack 

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