Revolutionary Multi-Frequency - The Legend by Nokta Makro

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Revolutionary Multi-Frequency - The Legend by Nokta Makro.


Nokta Makro's first ever simultaneous multi-frequency (SMF) metal detector The LEGEND, is loaded with features that simply makes it one of the best multi-use detector due to its adaptability to all types of targets and ground conditions. Stacked with monster specifications, The Legend does it all! It is rated IP68 which means it is fully submersible underwater for up to 10 feet (3 meters), and is suitable for prospecting relics and detecting small gold nuggets in highly mineralized gold fields.

This LEGENDARY detector is built to perform under the toughest conditions, handling protection from total dust ingress with its world-praised robust and waterproof design. 



The ergonomics of The Legend by Nokta Makro is arguably one of the best ever! Fabricated in carbon fiber, the lower shaft provides astounding stability and weighs only at 1.4kg (3 lbs) giving a huge advantage when you're looking to hunt for hours! Oh, and have we mentioned that this can be collapsed to 25 inches? You really can't go wrong with The Legend as it also has a removable rechargeable battery pack for portability.




Nokta Makro has truly paid attention to the expert's opinions and suggestions because with the Nokta Makro Legend, you are now able to track the collective hours you have detected!  


Here are a few of The Legend's key features:

  • Excels at deeper targets with the following frequency bands - Multi(2), 4kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz and 40kHz.
  • 4 Custom User ProfilesSave your favorite settings for different locations and/or targets separately in every mode for each of the 4 user profiles totaling 16 different sets of settings!
  • Easy OperationSaves valuable detecting time and makes the device suitable for novice as well as experienced detectorists.
  • VibrationThe Legend will vibrate upon detection of target! Ideal for the hearing impaired users as well as for detection underwater.
  • Long Battery LifeEasily charge it with a USB charger or powerbank. Provides up to 20 hours of use.
  • Adjustable ThresholdLets you set the threshold level and frequency in every mode.
  • Advanced Discrimination SettingsAll Metal, Ferrous Off, Ground Effect Off, Custom (Notch Discrimination).
  • Recovery Speed SettingEnables you to detect smaller targets among trash by adjusting the speed of target response.
  • Frequency Shift & Noise CancellationGet rid of EMI easily.
  • Online Firmware UpdatesStay up-to-date with firmware updates (via USB) and get the most out of your detector.




    " Sometimes Mother Nature hides the most beautiful things deep within the earth. " 


    WHP or PRO pack? You can click these links to have a glimpse of the available bundles we have. Happy detecting!



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