XP XTREM Hunter Reminder

XP XTREM Hunter Reminder

Important notice to avoid system failure


What you need to know 💡 ...and do 🔧 ⚙️

  • To transform your existing DEUS II into XTREM Hunter you must update any previous software to the newer version 2.0 update.
  • In addition to updating the DEUS II RC, IT'S A MUST also to update your XP Wireless Headphones (WS6, WSAII or WSAII-XL) to the V.2 update even if they are sold together. 

    IMPORTANT: If the Version 2.0 update is running on your remote control but not on the wireless headphones it may seem like your XTREM Hunter is operating well...however be aware that problems would eventually surface.

    Click here for Version 2.0 Update Instructions


    Update Now

    (Note: The update is now done directly on the website, no need to download a file. You just have to create your account in a few clicks)


    Enjoy your XTREM Hunter!

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