XP Battery Matters

XP Battery Matters

DEUS II Battery Facts and Tips

Learn about the XP DEUS II battery life and charging capabilities of the XP DEUS II detector. Discover how long it lasts, how quickly it charges, and tips for optimizing battery performance.
  • The internal Lithium-ion battery life is rated to last approximately 15 hours of actual detecting time per full charge.
  • The DEUS II battery charges from fully depleted to full in 4-5 hours when using the included fast charger.
  • DEUS II Battery life will vary depending on usage factors like screen brightness, volume, wireless usage, temperature conditions etc.
  • The DEUS II battery is designed for around 500 charge cycles while maintaining 80% capacity.
  • An optional secondary lithium battery can be attached to double the available detecting time per charge.
  • XP recommends fully charging the DEUS II battery before each use for maximum life, rather than shallow discharging.
  • The detector will alert the user as battery runs low to avoid fully depleting during a session.
  • An on-screen battery meter displays current percentage charge remaining during use.





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