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The Rover UC by OKM

OKM Rover UC -  Extremely Lightweight & the Most Compact 3D Ground Scanner in the WORLD



Yes, you have heard it right! OKM's Rover UC is definitely ranked as the most compact and lightweight 3D ground detector in the world. It embodies a sleek and compact design for stealth and ergonomics while heavily built with a high-end performance that matches other professional devices! 



The Rover UC from OKM looks unquestionably like a walking stick or a trekking pole that is definitely a huge advantage if you are looking to remain undercover while hunting for treasures. Safe from anything that's out of the ordinary, no one will ever notice that you are detecting as the main control unit also has a built-in internal battery that has an operating time for roughly 48 hours! 

It comes with an Android Smart Watch and an unlocked Android Smartphone for compact and stealth scanning, device control, and 3D view representation of the scanned ground. Oh, and it also has built-in fitness functionalities such as Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer and a Compass! 



The advanced processing power of today's Smartphones offers everything that is necessary for a quick and efficient process measurement. There is no need for computers for data analysis.

“Your mind is like a gold mine, if you dig deep you will find something golden.” ― Gift Gugu Mona


Now that you've glanced and learned about the Rover UC, let's go over the technical functionalities and additional features of the best travel detector! 
  • Operating modes: Magnetometer (Live Sound), Pinpointer and 3D Ground Scan.
  • Basic target discrimination (ferrous/non-ferrous/cavities).
  • OKM sensor technology Allows hunters to detect objects such as jewelry, coins, artifacts, boxes and chests as well as chambers, graves or tunnel systems hidden deep underground.
  • Alternative use and control with an Android phone using the OKM Rover UC app.
  • GPS (disengageable).
  • 3D Visualization and 3D Ground Scan.
  • Multilingual Operation.
  • Height Adjustment.
  • Wireless Technology.
  • Color Display / Touchscreen.
  • Extreme Light-weight at 1.4 lbs (0.65 kg).
  • Processor - Dual-system, Atmel AtMega CPU, 20 Mhz.
  • Frequency - 2.4 - 2.4835 GHz.
  • Operates using standard AA batteries available everywhere.


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OKM Rover UC Metal Detector With Smartphone



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