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The OKM Rover C4 is a powerful 3D ground scanner and metal detector. It provides accurate measurements and 3D images of underground treasures and gold minerals, allowing you to see potential finds before digging. If you already have Rover C4 in your hands or if you are planning a purchase please use our OKM Rover C4 video tutorials here below.


Discover OKM Rover C4 features in this video! 

We are proud to present OKM Rover C4, a cutting-edge 3D imaging device for professional or personal prospecting and exploration. Watch this intro video to find out more!

Discover the advanced features of the OKM Rover C4 Metal Detector! This video showcases its enhanced performance, innovative features, and practical applications for treasure hunting and archaeology. Explore how the Rover C4 makes detecting more efficient and precise, providing users with detailed analysis and user-friendly operation.


The following videos will show you the best procedures for optimizing OKM Rover C4 usage, as well as suggestions on how to easily find targets! 


Tune into Rover C4  recommendations that will be useful for both professionals and beginners.

Discover the best procedures for optimizing the OKM Rover C4 with our expert guide! Learn effective techniques and tips to easily locate targets with your OKM Rover C4, ensuring accurate and efficient results.

Learn how to change and connect probes on the OKM Rover C4 in this step-by-step tutorial. Enhance your metal detecting skills with these expert tips and ensure your device is set up perfectly for your next adventure!

The Magnetometer operating mode clears the scan field of small metal items like nails, cans, screws, and wires near the surface. This mode, primarily acoustic, also provides visual feedback on the display to identify highs and lows.

This Detector Training shows you how to perform a 3D Ground Scan with the recommended parameters. Impulses: Auto • Impulse Mode: Automatic • Scan Mode: Parallel • Transfer Mode: Memory



Hunting and presenting the powerful 3D Ground Scanner's features and its 4 operating modes Magnetometer, 3D Ground Scan, Pinpointer and Mineral Scan!



 OKM Rover C4 with accessories and case


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