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Powerful 3D Ground Scanner

Rover C4 is a multi-purpose treasure and cavity detector that generates graphical 3D images of underground treasures, localized anomalies, and gold minerals. It is an easy-to-use powerful metal detector and 3D ground scanner that allows you to determine the size and depth of potential finds before excavation. 

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OKM Rover C4 with accessories and case

For more information about OKM Rover C4, check out these videos!


Introduction to OKM Rover C4



Tutorial of how to use OKM Rover C4

This video will show you the best procedures for optimizing OKM Rover C4 usage. It includes suggestions on how to easily find targets with the OKM Rover C4.  Tune into Rover C4 recommendations that will be useful for both professionals and beginners.

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More information about OKM Rover C4 

The video here below explains the functions, appearance, and controls of OKM Rover C4. 

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