DEUS II Software Improvements V0.7

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DEUSΒ IIΒ is an evolving detector and constantly improving. Our engineering team will regularly release new updates. We recommend you to install theΒ DEUSΒ IIΒ UPDATER softwareΒ on your PC and update yourΒ Remote Control & your WS6 HeadphonesΒ upon receipt.

Current version to date: V0.7


Improved β€œSILENCER” (Discri>Expert)

  • Higher ferrousΒ filtering with settings above 2.
  • LowerΒ ferrous filtering with settings below 2. Improving performance on mineralized ground.
*On level 2, the Silencer remains unchanged from previous versions.
*Program 2 SENSITIVE now defaults to Silencer 1 instead of 2.


Improved "B.CAP REJECT" settingΒ 


Β In addition to better rejection of ferrous caps, the new B.Cap parameters of V0.7 now allows the rejection of certain hard-to-remove ferrous items, such as cartridges, iron rings, large ferrous.

NOTE: Targets processed by the "B.CAP" parameters are reported as ferrous targets and it is now possible to adjust the iron volume (on previous versions they became silent without possible volume adjustment).

Β Β 

Full screen Target ID

We have now added a full screen target display profile for the remote control and WS6 master


For the remote control:

  • Accessible in OPTION>CONFIG>PROFILE or by keyboard shortcut by holding down the GND and + keys for 1s.
  • For the WS6: Accessible by holding Menu and + for 1s.



Other Features

  • Increased target ID time out.
  • Improved target ID stability.
  • Improved Ground Balance in β€œbeach” programs.
  • Improved discrimination for DEEP HC and PARK programs, as some ferrous targets were not correctly rejected.
  • Correction of ground rejection parameters
  • Improved NOTCH functionality.
  • Goldfield and Relic programs now have a NOTCH feature.
  • Changed language packs and fixed translations.
  • By default Auto-tune is OFF in pinpoint mode.
  • Faster connectivity when switching to Pinpoint mode.
  • Improved THRESHOLD parameters (available in audio pitch, Goldfield and Relic programs). Threshold will now go silent when passing over rejected targets.
  • Added Iron volume to the Full Tone mode.

WS6 Master: The same as the Remote control and:

  • Added iron volume setting in programs 8 & 9.
  • Graphical update of the main page.


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