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Ger Diamond Hunter

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Long Range Detector

Diamonds and Gemstones

  • 35 Meters Depth

  • Range 2500 Meters Square

  • Made in Germany

  • Two Years Warranty

  • Multi-Lingual

  • Ships Free

  • Ships Internationally




Once you have turned on the device you can choose any out of four languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Arabic

Search Systems:

After selecting your preferred language, you go on to select one of the following four specific systems:

  • Big Diamonds underground search system.
  • Small Diamonds underground search system.
  • Wrought Gemstones underground search system.
  • Natural Gemstones underground search system.

    After selecting the target search type the device will start to send and receive frequencies to detect.

    As the device receives a signal it follows the signal toward the target and turns toward the target referred to.

    Once above the target center, the device will wrap in a circular motion. 

    The DIAMOND HUNTER long range locator device got the best of modern German technology in terms of combining power, accuracy, and ease of use in a small-sized package.  The Diamond Hunter was thoroughly tested and approved by industry authorities before its entrance on the market.

    "Super Antenna" Technical Specifications

    Diamond Hunter features the dual antenna "Super Antenna". UIG Detectors is the proud patent owner of the dual Antenna, which is now equipping Diamond Hunter along with other UIG devices. 

    The new Super Antenna System allows for the fastest,
    most powerful and easiest way to discover diamonds and gemstones under the ground. 

    The system is working by a spiral system and is implemented on UIG's aka Ger Detect's large distances detectors, needed for vast areas.

    The Super Antenna consists of two transmission signals (transmitter and receiver)
    that operate in accordance with the principle of ground induction.
    The Antenna operating: installs Super Antenna on the device in its own place,
    When the device is running, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver signal
    and the antenna help the device by generating a spiral signal (Eddy Frequency)
    That leads to multiplying the waves more than 1000 times and so enables the device to cover a more extended area within seconds.

    Diamond Hunter Signal

    DIAMOND HUNTER Technical Specification

    1. The DIAMOND HUNTER device main unit.
    2. Main processing unit and settings.
    3. Screen including options list.
    4. Touch keyboard controller.
    5. The power switches ON/OFF.
    6. Sending antennas port.
    7. Receiving antennas port.
    8. Charger port.
    9. 12-volt rechargeable battery.
    10. Super Antenna to cover vast areas with speed searching.
    11. 4 antennas for reception and transmission of the signal.
    12. 12-volt Household charger.
    13. Anti-shock bag to carry and keep the device and its accessories.
    14. User manual in several languages including Arabic.
    15. Two-year warranty - from the date of purchase. 
      German industry first class according to international standards.
    16. User manual in several languages including Arabic.
    17. DIAMOND HUNTER device is one of the best German innovations with European cϵ certification according to international specifications.

    Diamond Hunter Technical Specifications

    DIAMOND HUNTER Device Parts and Accessories:

    • Diamond Hunter Main Unit
    • Diamond Hunter Safety Bag
    • Diamond Hunter Unit Holder
    • Diamond Hunter Signal Recipient
    • Diamond Hunter Super Sensor
    • Diamond Hunter Signal Enhancer
    • Diamond Hunter Charger 

    Diamon Hunter Parts and Accessories


    • This device ships free, Internationally, from Turkey, with DHL Express.
    • For DHL Express free shipping, you need to submit a phone number. We share your phone number with the carrier ( DHL Express ). 
    • If you do not submit a phone number we can not guarantee that DHL Express will accept your package.
    • For our US customers that do not submit a phone number, we will ship the item with DHL Express to our California location. Once we receive your device we will ship to you with a US carrier that delivers without a phone number. ( Naturally, the time of delivery will be a bit longer in this case. ) Keep in mind also that this latter alternative may call for arrangements of any import taxes that we would pay on your behalf.


    *Import Duties, Taxes, and Charges:  

    • Import Duties, Taxes, and Charges are not included. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.
    • Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.
    • Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions and/or concerns that you may have.

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