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With 10 Gem Stone Programs


  • Made in Germany
  • 40 meter Depth
  • 3 Years Warranty


Gold Legend is a compact, user-friendly metal detector featuring a straightforward program. It enables users to select search systems, adjust their settings, and view findings on the device's color screen. Gold Legend is often suggested to both novice and experienced treasure seekers, given its ease-of-use and cost-effective price point, making it an ideal starter metal detector.


Application and Uses

  • Detects all forms of metal and minerals such as silver, copper, platinum, and iron.
  • Highly efficient at detecting gold as well as gold-made items such as coins, jewelry, bracelets, rings, and earrings.
  • Locating ancient artifacts including bronze statues, steel swords or daggers, silver or gold utensils, and cups.


Package Contents

  • Main Electronic Unit
  • Smart Sensor
  • Wireless Handle Unit
  • RF Antennas
  • Charger
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

5 Search Systems

The GeoGround Gold Legend metal detector features five advanced search systems for uncovering buried targets underground, pinpointing their exact location, and estimating their depth.


Gold Legend's five search systems include: 


1. Long Range System

2. Free Mode System

3. Smart Depth System

4. Ionic System

5. Bionic System


The search system are easily selected from the main menu, here are the detailed options for each system:


1. Long Range System

This Long Range search system utilizes an innovative new technology to enable the detection of deeper metal objects and treasures from far away, with adjustable search parameters like soil type, target type, and range. Gold Legend's Long Range mode of operation is based on the transmission of radio frequencies emitted from two antennas mounted to the front of the main unit. When the frequency of the device comes in contact with a possible target, the device's handle starts to rotate towards it.

Start by selecting parameter settings:


GeoGround Gold Legend is ideal for seeking out potential targets as it caters to all soil types, including:

High Mineral, Low Mineral, Normal, Rocky, Sandy, Stony, and Wet.




It defines the target type that users want to search for in the vicinity, making it a key option to achieve the best results as it focuses the search on a particular target type..

Gold Legend provided with 11 preset target types including:

Bronze, Cavity, Copper, Diamond, Gemstone, Gold ore,

Gold Treasure, Gold veins, Iron, Platinum, Silver



This feature allows users to adjust the search distance or radius of the long-range scan circle to a value between 0 and 3000 meters.




This value determines the range in which targets may be located. The user can refine the value in the range of 0 to 40 meters. Upon configuring the preceding settings, a search screen appears, displaying helpful visual indicators, such as:


  • Balance indicator: This indicator shows the balance of the device relative to the horizon, to get a best result, this indicator should be placed on the green mark.
  • Search Screen: This page displays the frequency search operation by diameter-changed green circle animation.
  • Selected Target: The type of selected target in the system


2. Free Mode System

The Free Mode system in the Gold Legend device operating principle is similar to that in Long Range system and depends on generating radio frequencies and sending them through the two antennas.

The difference here from the previous system is that it is possible to specify an accurate value for the search frequency to match a specific type of metal for greater accuracy or to search for specific targets.

The frequency value expresses the search frequency generated by the device and transmitted through the antennas, and the user can set the value accurately within a range of values.

Soil, Distance, Depth

previous values are set similarly as in Long Range system

After setting the previous settings, the search screen appears, which includes visual indicators that help the user, the screen includes the following elements:

  • Balance indicator: This indicator shows the balance of the device relative to the horizon, to get a best result, this indicator should be placed on the green mark.
  • Search Screen: displays the frequency search operation by diameter-changed green circle animation.
  • Frequency Value: display the selected frequency value


3. Smart Depth

The Smart Depth system is a unique system through which the depth of targets buried underground can be calculated in an accurate approximation.

Using a certain method that includes movement starting from the location of the potential target and in two different directions and waiting until the antennas move more than 70 degrees each time, and then the device estimates the depth value of the potential target based on that.

Note: The position of the target is determined by the quadrature method, which includes drawing a small square in which the target is within its center. This box is obtained by conducting a search through the long-term search system from four directions and setting an imaginary line each time to form this square.


4. Ionic System

The ionic search system has been developed according to a completely new technology, which is the first of its kind in metal detectors, and represents a major improvement over the traditional system that existed before.

Where the new technology allows more accurate detection of ion fields resulting from metal targets buried underground that ensures accurate reception and processing of signals, with the ability to control some of the signal settings on the screen to ensure accurate results.

The search for ionic fields emanating from potential targets is carried out through the Smart Sensor, which is a search probe specially developed with a new technology for accurate search, and it is installed in a special port on the front side of the main device unit.

The sensor at the top includes LEDs that change its light color according to the nature of the detected target.

When choosing the ionic system, the search screen displays two progress bars, the first at the top, which reflects the strength of the signal coming from a metal target such as gold or iron.

The bottom progress bar expresses the signal strength resulting from an underground void such as a tunnel, grave or basement.

The values are presented percentage values and related to the distance from target, its size and the surrounding environment.


5. Bionic System

Bionic search system works in similar way like Ionic System, the difference, however, is that here, ionic signals are captured from a specific metallic object, for example from gold coin, then the search is directed towards capturing Ionic signals similar to metal objects buried underground within the surrounding area.
That means, in the ionic search system, the search is random and free, but in the bionic system the search is directed according to a specific target type based on predefined signals.

The type of metal to be searched is determined in the surrounding area by directing the Smart Sensor towards a sample of the metal to be searched for, for example, a silver coin or a gold nugget.

The search screen, in the case of searching by the Bionic system, displays a changed circular indicator in green color, and when a target signal is captured, the indicator changes to red with an audio tone via the device’s built-in speaker.


Easy to Use Software Program

The Gold Legend software program is designed with an attractive graphical user interface with a modern design and a consistent color scheme based on a single menu system with different tabs for settings and icons expressing each option and setting, making it easier for the user to choose different options for different search systems in a smooth visual way.

The device interface also includes options to customize a set of general settings that include:

Time and date – device screen settings such as brightness – device sound and keys sound settings – change program language – display general information such as serial number and others.



For the possibility of using the device by prospectors from different countries of the world, the interface of the device program is provided with the option to change the language of the program from among the most important languages, namely:




To Down load User Manual:

Click here





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