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United States ETA 

XP DEUS II Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Metal Detector

The greatly anticipated USA arrival of XP’s new detector, the DEUS II, is still several weeks away!

Although the DEUS II was first released back in mid-December in the European Union countries (EU preferential origin), specifically France, Germany, etc, they have only just arrived in the UK this past week for dealer distribution. For us “across the pond”, the first limited allocation shipment is planned to be air freighted to the USA late this next week and after import/customs processing and shipping to XP’s USA distributors, it could take two weeks, to as much as three, to get them to dealers and their customers.

Please keep in mind, these first shipments are limited in numbers so most of the US dealers will only receive 1 to 3 units as XP and the USA distributors are striving to fairly share their limited availability across the USA. 

However, the good news is XP is assuring that the USA will have the top priority for the sending of the 2nd and 3rd allocations of DEUS II.

In the meantime, following is the link for the XP DEUS II manual. It is well written and will be helpful when the DEUS II arrive. 

XP DEUS II User Manual

Incidentally, there were some USA DEUS II YouTubers/testers that thought the DEUS II USA shipments were already in the air and arriving in the USA by this past Friday. However, the XPLORER manufacturing facility and headquarters in Toulouse, France, confirmed that this was not true and just wishful thinking.

Also of interest, XP testers and/or YouTube’rs got pre-regular production versions of the DEUS II with version 5 software. The DEUS II that will be shipped to the USA will have the newer version 6.

The DEUS II, its coil, remote control, and WS6 headphones are all designed to have their software updated online! 


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