XP DEUS II Remote Control-Destination Gold Detectors

XP DEUS II Remote Control

XP DEUS II Waterproof Remote Control

The XP DEUS II control box, or best known as the remote control (RC) lets users adjust the internal settings for the XP DEUS II Metal Detector. At first glance, you will find the icon screen where you can choose from the following audio settings: Wireless WS6 Headphones, wired headphones, the BH-01 or Bone Conduction headphones or the built-in speaker itself. This control box can be clipped on the stem for 2 seconds with just a simple thumb press on the bottom part of the remote, or simply stored in your pocket for stealth and portability. Please keep in mind that the remote control is not required if you choose to use the WS6 headphones as the master control for your detector.


Fully Waterproof up to 20M (66FT)

Certified IP68 for submersion up to 20M, waterproofing and pressure resistance guaranteed, all terrain and and shockproof. 



Red Plug: For underwater use up to 20M. Don't forget to use the grey cap when back on land.

Grey PlugCommonly used on land, but can also be submerged for up to 1M only.  



Updating the remote control: System updates are still done through a PC, which nonetheless, provides a user-friendly experience. 



You can straight away operate using the 12 factory user programs:

GENERAL: Uses low and high frequencies (up to 40kHz) and gives an excellent assessment of targets in the soil. 
SENSITIVE: Uses low and high frequencies (up to 40 kHz) which is highly efficient on all targets even in mineralized and polluted ground when searching for the smallest targets.
SENSITIVE FULL TONES: Based on the same platform as program 2 but configured with Full Tone audio mode and with a Reactivity at 3 instead of 2.5. It offers a very rich and informative sound identification that requires a little more experience and is very efficient in highly-polluted ferrous and mineralized ground.
FAST: Also based on the same platform as program 2 but the audio is set to Pitch mode with Reactivity at 3 instead of 2.5 and uses the square audio feature. These three settings combined allow the machine to work fast in ferrous-polluted and mineralized ground.
PARK: Is used for searching recreational area’s (Max. freq. 24khz) such as, parks, dry sand beach, etc., sites that are normally polluted.
DEEP HIGH CONDUCTOR: adds together very low and medium frequencies up to 14 kHz. Designed to better locate good conductivity targets which are ideal for clusters of coins while maintaining an excellent sensitivity to isolated coins using its 14 kHz frequency.
DEUS MONO: (adjustable from 4 to 45kHz) This program works on a single frequency like 1, but combines the advantages of DEUS II, such as its expanded frequency range to 45 kHz, improved performance, audio quality, better EMI rejection, etc. There is more likelihood of connecting with an unstable frequency while using several simultaneous frequencies than with just one and the DEUS MONO could help you in these situations. 
GOLD FIELD: Intended for highly-mineralized gold-bearing ground (Max. freq. 40khz). Gold nuggets are often seen as the ground or ferrous items in these tricky environments. It is set to “all metal” for deeper detection and only rejects the localised ground to which you should regularly adjust by Grabbing (see Ground). It will accept ground above and below your Ground setting.
RELIC: This program is processed in the same way as program 8 (FMF • Max. freq. 24khz), but uses lower subtracted frequencies to search for large masses. It is configured for “all metal” with low Reactivity and only rejects the localised ground to which you should regularly adjust by Grabbing (see Ground). It will then accept ground above and below this ground setting. 
DIVING: It is the first and most stable of three programs intended for submerging in salt water environments or simply on wet sand. Its very low and medium subtracted frequencies will better locate valuable targets such as rings and coins, whilst naturally being less responsive to low conductive targets like aluminum foil compared to the more sensitive Beach 11 and 12 programs. It can thus save time and be more effective in difficult diving conditions.
BEACH: Uses higher frequencies up to 24 kHz and is more sensitive to small targets compared to Diving. It is well suited to wet zones.
BEACH SENS: Incorporates frequencies up to 40 kHz offering excellent sensitivity to the smallest targets without losing performance on bigger targets. This is the deepest beach program for wet conditions but also the most reactive.



    BATTERY SAVING TIP: Turning the volume down to 0 for the accessories such as the headphones when you are using the RC speaker should effectively help save the battery life.  



    You may purchase the whole package or the remote control itself here!

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