School Children and Metal Detecting-Destination Gold Detectors

School Children and Metal Detecting

Treasure Hunting on the Curriculum

Treasure hunting and metal detecting are enchanting activities that seem to enthrall children and grown-ups alike. It is a much-loved hobby and an excellent way to spend more time outdoors. Introducing school children to metal detecting encourages a less sedentary life-and-learning style. It helps develop a closer relationship with nature and the outdoors and facilitates the bridging between theoretical concepts and practical applications.

Bring The Class Room Outside

Six good reasons to implement metal detecting:

1. Increased Outdoor Activity

2. More Physical Activity

3. Develop closer bonds with our environment.

4. Learning about our nature and how to respect it.

5. Connecting to History through relic detecting.

6. Exploring of minerals encourages an interest in Geology.



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