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OKM Rover UC Videos

Deep-Seeking Detector

The Rover UC is a deep-seeking detector that is controlled via smartphone, which creates excellent 3D graphics of the scanned underground. It is disguised as a walking stick and allows searching in areas where you couldn't with a common detector. 

OKM Rover UC with android smartphone

For more information about OKM Rover UC, check out these videos!


Advertisement and short introduction to OKM Rover UC

This video shows the short advertisement of OKM Rover UC. 

This video introduces the OKM Rover UC and its function with a smart phone.


Short lecture about OKM Rover UC

This video explains some of the functions and features of OKM Rover UC. 


OKM Rover UC demo application for Android smart phone

The video below shows you the functions, appearance, and the basic use of the application for the smart phone. It's a demonstration that will help you how to use OKM Rover UC with a smart phone. 


Tutorial of how to use OKM Rover UC

The video below explains all the functions and features of OKM Rover UC. It will show you how to assemble the OKM Rover UC for best performance and operation. The video will also show you how to use the OKM Rover UC with a smart phone. This video will also show you the best procedures for optimizing the usage of the OKM Rover UC in different modes. It will also show you how can you transfer the data from the smart phone to the PC.  


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