Nokta Legend Package Content-Destination Gold Detectors

Nokta Legend Package Content

Legend WHP vs. Legend WHP Pro-Package

Nokta Legend Content and Package Comparison

1. System Box.

2. Waterproof DD Search Coil 28cm/11" (LG28) and Cover.

3. Waterproof DD Search Coil 15cm/6" (LG15) and CoverPro Pack Only.

4. Bluetooth aptX Low Latency Headphones.

5. Waterproof Replaceable Spare Battery Pro Pack Only.

6. The LEGEND Cap.

7. USB Charging and Data Cable.

8. Headphones Soft Case.



Nokta Legend WHP - Order Here

Nokta Legend WHP Pro Package


Nokta Makro The Legend SMF Metal Detector WHP                                Nokta Makro The Legend SMF Metal Detector Pro Package

Nokta Makro The Legend WHP                Nokta Makro The Legend Pro Pack

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