May Monthly Giveaway

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Welcome to May Monthly Giveaway!

This month we are going to run the contest little bit differently than we have months prior. This month we are looking for video contributions. There will be two $100 gift card available. If we receive more contributions than available cards, we will select the winners based on number of likes received on their videos. This contest is open to all, even those who have made contributions in the past. 

To participate, simply submit video of your metal detecting adventure and/or of you demonstrating your metal detector. We welcome creativity! :) 

Since this months contest is released a little later than usual we will extend the participation deadline until June 10.

Content submitted will likely be shared with our community on our new YouTube Channel. Contribution may also appear on other social media channels and on DestinationGoldDetector.com Good Luck!

May Monthly Giveaway


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  • Cool to see that you hand out giftcards.

    Helfried Torsten on

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