Makro Deephunter Metal Detector Depth

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You asked what is the Makro Deephunter metal detector depth. In the field test below Makro Deephunter is showing off at 190 cm ( 6 feet + )

Detector depth results depends not only on the detector, but also on external factors such as soil and object condition, to name a couple. That said, Makro's Deephunter is a professional detector which capabilities including depth, go further and deeper than most metal detectors. If you have not already, we suggest watching Makro's Deephunter Video, "Deephunter: Precious Metal Detection From 190cm"Β 

Β Makro Deephunter Metal Detector. Detection at 190 cm (6 Feet +).

Makro Deephunter Metal Detector - Specifications

Makro Deephunter Metal Detector - Purchase Now!

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