DEUS II: The Advantages

DEUS II: The Advantages

There is no deny in the unique advantages of the XP Deus II 


I guess anyone can agree that this is truly a new revolution to all metal detectors! Not only the world's first fully wireless metal detector, but also this multi-frequency metal detector possesses quite the unique features and performance. Using the XP patented radio protocol system, the coil, remote control, headphones and wireless pinpointer MI-6 should communicate with each other wirelessly without any latency. With its unparalleled speed and accuracy, the Deus II target signals generated by the search coil which quickly transmits to the headphones without any delays. To make things clear, this will be ten times faster than any other low latency headphones available up to date!

All thanks to the FMF® (Fast Multi-Frequency) technology, there is no doubt that the Deus II will perform extremely well in all terrain and conditions, both on land and at sea.


Now what are the other advantages of the XP Deus II?

First of all, we know a lot will agree with the XP brand because they're fully wireless, lightweight, ergonomic, and their pinpoint integrates well with the headphones. While the Deus II is XP's first fully submersible(even in salt water) metal detector, it is also capable to go up to a whopping 20 meters (66 ft.) and still retain target ID and full tonal range using the BH-01 bone conducting headphones!  

The XP Deus II also operates differently than the previous Deus I version by rapidly switching between a larger range of frequencies rather being locked into just one frequency at a time. 


What are the current available accessories for the XP Deus II?

Coils: There are two available at the moment. The XP Deus II 9" (22.5cm) and the XP Deus II 11" (28cm) FMF Coil x (49 frequencies). 

Headphones: The WS6 wireless headphones with a full easy to read screen menu system, and the BH-01 bone conductive headphones for deep diving and land. Want to know an amazing feature about these headphones? Once you turn the Deus II on, the headphones will automatically turn on. If turned off, they shut down automatically as well. 

OthersXP Deus II remote controlS telescopic stem.


The rugged design of the XP Deus II has a highly durable, fully waterproof and a shockproof housing. This "do everything" metal detector with a 12 pre-set mode comes ready for every environment and any user. The incredible amount of customization that XP is known for also means that the Deus II will be extremely efficient for those who want to upgrade to a definitely advanced detector! 


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