The Best Metal Detector-Destination Gold Detectors

The Best Metal Detector

Is there " the best metal detector " on today's market? The answer is "Yes" and also "No".  There are many, and more than ever, advanced detectors available today.  There  is also the best metal detector for each terrain, purpose and circumstance.  With that said, to find the best metal detector, it is best to first answer the questions: "What am I looking for?" "Where will I be detecting?", "What objects will I search for?" "What are my needs?", and so on..  

Here bellow you will find a quick overview of outstanding and very popular detectors that correspond with certain features that you may be looking for.  You may follow the category and picture links for more info on each metal detector.


Submersible Metal Detectors



    Graphic Target Imaging Metal Detectors


      • Fisher F4 
      • Garrett ACE 150

      • Garrett ACE 200

      • Garrett ACE 250

      • Garrett ACE 350 

      Child Friendly Metal Detectors


      • Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector (with 5 & 10 inch coils)
      • Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector

      • Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector

      • Garrett ATX
      • Garrett GTI



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