Teknetics Gamma Metal Detector


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Your Ultimate Companion for Precise Treasure Hunting

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The Teknetics Gamma Metal Detector - Your Ultimate Companion for Precise Treasure Hunting!

Explore the world of treasure hunting with the Teknetics Gamma Metal Detector, a powerful and advanced detector designed to handle tough ground conditions and deliver outstanding performance. Made for enthusiasts and experts alike, this detector offers a range of technical features that will take your treasure hunting to the next level.


    Key Features:

    1. Manual Ground Balance: Take control of your detecting experience with manual ground balance. Adjust the detector's settings to match the specific ground conditions you encounter, ensuring accurate and reliable target identification.

    2. Ground Grab: The GroundGrab™ control feature makes ground balancing a breeze. Easily optimize your detector's performance by grabbing and adjusting the ground balance settings directly on-screen.

    3. Notch System by Category: Fine-tune your target discrimination with the Notch System. Categorize and eliminate unwanted targets, allowing you to focus exclusively on valuable finds.

    4. Continuous Discrimination System: The continuous discrimination system provides precise target separation, ensuring you don't miss any valuable items while filtering out unwanted signals.

    5. 4-Level Ground Mineralization Readout: Stay informed about the ground mineralization levels with the 4-level ground mineralization readout. This feature helps you adapt to changing soil conditions and maximize your chances of finding treasures.

    6. Multiple Tone Target-ID Audio: Easily identify targets by sound alone with the multiple tone Target-ID audio system. Each target category produces a unique tone, helping you discern the type of target buried beneath the surface.

    7. No-Motion All Metal Pinpoint Mode: Pinpoint your targets accurately with the no-motion All Metal Pinpoint Mode. It even indicates the depth of your targets, ensuring you dig with precision.

    8. Real-Time Depth Bar Graph: The real-time depth bar graph provides you with immediate information about the depth of your targets, allowing you to adjust your digging strategy accordingly.

    9. Adjustable Discrimination, Sensitivity, and Volume: Customize your detector's settings with adjustable discrimination, sensitivity, and volume controls. Tailor your experience to your preferences and hunting conditions.

    10. Target Category Icons and Numeric Target-ID Numbers: Easily identify targets with the help of target category icons and numeric Target-ID numbers. This feature simplifies target recognition and enhances your efficiency.

    11. GROUNDGRAB™ Touchpad Ground Balancing with Manual Override: Achieve precise ground balancing with the GROUNDGRAB™ touchpad ground balancing feature, complete with manual override for expert control.

    12. Long Battery Life: The Teknetics Gamma operates on a single 9V alkaline battery (not included) and boasts a battery life of 20-25 hours, ensuring you can explore for extended periods without interruptions.


    Tech Specs:

    • Operating Frequency: 7.69 kHz
    • Weight: 2.3 lbs. (1.0 kg)
    • Length: Adjustable from 43” to 53”
    • Coil: 8” (20 cm) Concentric Open Frame Waterproof Coil
    • Headphone Jack: ¼” (6.3 mm)
    • 5-Year Warranty