XP Waterproof Kit with Antenna + Headphones + Armband

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For Underwater Searching with DEUS/ORXΒ 


  • 8 Foot Aerial Antenna. (250 cm)
  • Waterproof Armband
  • Waterproof Case
  • Volume Control
  • Earphones


    • This XP certified underwater kit includes everything you need to take your DEUS/ORX in the water.
    • Dive and detect up to to 5 meters deep.
    • Can be used with either LCD remote, WS4, and WS5 headphones.


    Aerial Antenna

    The aerial extender (Waveguide) allows for a seamless radio link between the coil and the remote control / headset when submerged.

    The Wave guide is a purpose-built clip designed to fit over the search coil + cover on the same side as the battery terminals.
    The plastic support clip can be fitted onto the stem, headphones or remote control. The Antenna kit includes a thin coaxial cable, 3 plastic support clips, and 3 x β€˜O’-rings used to attach the the aerial antenna to the search coil.


      Ask a Question
      • Will this work with the deus2?

        Yes, the XP Waterproof Kit is compatible with the DEUS II. Β Please note that you will not need to waterproof the DEUS II RC. The DEUS II WS6 MASTER however does need waterproofing.

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