OKM Treasure Reward - 20% Discount

OKM Treasure Reward - 20% OFF

OKM Detectors invites you to submit your treasure hunting success story through their online review form. Once you submit your entry, OKM will let you choose what reward you would like to receive. If you select the 20% discount reward, they will issue a voucher, which you can redeem in our store at Destination Gold Detectors.


How to Get Started:

  1. Visit OKM Online Review Form: Head over to the OKM online review form at this link: https://www.okmamericas.com/pages/treasure-reward-program and submit your treasure hunting success story.
  1. Receive Your 20% OFF Voucher: Once OKM receives and reviews your submission, and if you select the 20% OFF reward, they will promptly send you a personalized 20% OFF voucher, valid for your next purchase at Destination Gold Detectors.
  1. Redeem and Enjoy: Email us your voucher at contact@destinationgolddetectors.com and we will issue a personal store discount code to redeem the 20% OFF on our website.


Don't miss this chance to relive your thrilling moments, gain recognition for your achievements, and save on your next OKM detector purchase. Share your story today!