UIG - United International Group-Destination Gold Detectors

UIG - United International Group

Gold, Diamond and Water Detection

It is a new year and Destination Gold Detectors is now also providing the cutting edge product lines managed by UIG - United International Group. 

Most of our new devices are specialized and highly effective on gold. However it does not stop there, but extends to gemstones, diamonds, and beyond. 

For our customers that have been inquiring about specific and increased detection depth, this new collection is offering just that. In addition, we now got a number of devices that on a distance are able to scan large fields for treasure location. Some of these devices are already listed on Destination Gold Detectors's website today, but stay tuned as in the coming days we will further our listings. You will soon be able to find these scanning on a distance devices by using the search bar and enter "Locator". Also, look out for the sub menu "Locators" that will be available on our website any day now.

Ger Gold Seeker

Ger Gold Hunter

Ger Deep Seeker

Mega Detection Gold Locator

Mega Gold Locator

Mega Detection Mega Scan Pro

Mega Scan Pro


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