Hold Up.. Just a Minute!-Destination Gold Detectors

Hold Up.. Just a Minute!

As the interest for Gold Detection is on the rise, so are the number of new Treasure Hunters!  Its fast and easy to get your hands on a new, and possibly first Metal Detector, but hold up..just a minute, and take a moment to reflect on the advice bellow:


1.  Stay Away from the places that may bury Electrical Lines, Cable Lines or Pipelines.  

2.  Obtain Permission before searching any site.

3.  Do Not Detect in Military Areas - bombs or gas explosives may be buried.

4.  In heavily Trafficked Areas, please do not wear Earphones, in case an accident occurs.

5.  When digging out the target, Be Mindful of the Vegetation. Leave the land and   vegetation as it was, fill in the holes.




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