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The 1838 Seated Dime Love Token

Treasure Hunting with Nokta Simplex+ with SP24 Search Coil

Nokta Simplex+

The 1838 Seated Liberty Dime found with Nokta Simplex+


CT Relic Digger Says:

The Simplex+ with the SP24 coil doesn't disappoint in trashy areas! I was detecting an old farmers field that is now a soccer field, very trashy area with lots of iron. The SP24 coil had no problem isolating this beautiful little target amongst all the trash. It came in at a beautiful solid 88 on the VDI scale, down about 5 in, and what came up really surprised me, an 1838 silver seated liberty dime that somebody carved and turned into a beautiful love token! This is the first silver love token I've ever dug! What a cool hobby! 

The Seated Liberty design itself represents a major era in United States coinage. During its half century of longevity, there were a number of modifications to the obverse and reverse designs. The 1838 Seated Liberty dime was minted in New Orleans — making it the first U.S. coin struck outside of the Philadelphia Mint.


Recent Find:

The 1838 Seated Liberty Dime

1838 Seated Liberty Dime     1838 Seated Liberty Dime

Metal Detector Used:
Nokta Simplex+ with SP24 Search Coil

Nokta Simplex+




Old farmers field currently a soccer field.


Nokta Simplex+

The 1838 Seated Liberty Dime found with Nokta Simplex+


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