Nokta Makro Midi/Mini Hoard Easter and Spring Promo-Destination Gold Detectors

Nokta Makro Midi/Mini Hoard Easter and Spring Promo

Available for United States residents only 

Promo runs from March 21st through June 21st

Mini and Midi Hoard Easter and Spring Promo.

For only $99.95 each option...

Save up to 30%


Treat you kids with World's First Waterproof Kids Detector 

Option 1: Mini Hoard Cool Kit 

Recommend for younger kids 4-8 years old.

Promo Includes: Cool Boy and Girls Shaft, 4 Funky Screen Protectors/Stickers, Sand Sifter, and Sand Scoop


Option 2: Midi Hoard

Recommended for 8-12+ years old.

Promo Includes: 1x Cool Boy and Girls Mini Hoard Metal Detector


The most fun way to introduce kids to metal detecting... Hurry! Grab them while you can!


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