Nokta Invenio vs. Invenio Pro Comparison

Nokta Invenio vs. Invenio Pro Comparison comparison between the NOKTA INVENIO and NOKTA INVENIO PRO metal detectors: * Coils: The INVENIO has an 11" Double D smart coil, while the INVENIO PRO has a larger 13" x 9" DD smart coil. The bigger coil on the PRO can scan more ground faster. * Frequencies: Both operate on multi-frequencies (XF, HF, LF). But the PRO adds a higher 86 kHz frequency for better detection of small gold. * Display: The INVENIO has a backlit display, while the INVENIO PRO upgrade to a full-color touchscreen display. * Wireless: The INVENIO PRO has wireless headphones capability, while the INVENIO does not. * Battery: The INVENIO runs on 4 AA batteries, while the PRO uses a powerful lithium-ion battery. * Weight: The INVENIO weighs 2.8 lbs, while the PRO is slightly heavier at 3.3 lbs. In summary, the INVENIO PRO model has advantages in coil size, higher frequency, display, wireless audio, and battery life.

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