Nokta Gold Kruzer Software Update

System Software V1.05

Gold Kruzer has software update capability. All software updates made after the device is released to the market will be announced on the product's web page along with updating instructions.


Nokta Gold Kruzer


System Version Information:

To see the software version of the Gold Kruzer's system card and LCD, while the device is OFF, press the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons simultaneously and turn the unit on. Continue to hold the buttons depressed until you can read the software version. The major version will be shown in the Target ID section and the minor version in the GB window.


Software Update:

Operating systems: Windows XP (with SP3), Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10.

The latest update includes all previous updates.

Download: 20180731 _Kruzer_Gold_R1_V1.05_V1.08 (System Software V1.05/ LCD Software V1.08)


Updates Made :
* Keylock function has been added for deep underwater use.
To lock the keys, please follow the instructions below:
- Press and hold the down button for 3 seconds
- Press the PP button once
- Press the GB button once
To unlock the keys, repeat the same steps above.


Nokta Gold Kruzer Post Purchase Collection - Available Here

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